Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do normal household chemicals get into our bodies?

“I think that people have the idea that pollution is this thing that exists outside our homes, it’s kind of floating around in the air and that once we get inside our home, we are safe from pollution.”

According to Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie, authors of Slow Death by Rubber Duck, we need to be just as concerned with what is floating around within our own four walls as we are with the pollution that occurs outside our homes. (As it turns out, the President’s Cancer Panel, agrees).

In this video, Smith and Bruce lock themselves in an average apartment for two days and expose themselves to all the chemicals you would likely find in your own home. Things like:
  • Mercury
  • Non-stick chemicals
  • Pthalates
  • Tricolsan
  • Bisphenol A (BPA)
The lads compare the blood and urine samples that were taken before and after the experiment to find out what has entered their systems and to what degree. Even they are shocked by the results.

Watch the video above to find out what happens.

Want to reduce your toxic load in the home? Here are some ideas.

This article shows how easy it is to eliminate BPA from your home too.


  1. Am reading this book at the moment - fascinating. Much of the material used in it was in an academic report presented by the same authors to the Canadian Government. It will be interesting to see if any laws are brought in to restrict the use of these substances in industry or consumer products.

  2. Chemical-free cleaning is the way of the future! Natural products are perfectly capable of cleaning and disinfecting our living spaces. They are also safer for us and for the environment. Thanks for sharing!

  3. If you want to know which harmful synthetics are in your home, the Cleaning with Essential Oils section found under the About YL, Wellness Solutions tab, will teach you which chemicals—known to cause everything from skin to ovarian cancer—are in products you use every day and which essential oils and oil-infused products can replace them.